Friends of BWFA & lovers of quality,

We are 1 August back at our base. Which we are proud to call Sea Coast Stables. A beautiful complex. One that exudes top quality. The collection of 2022 is adjusted to that. Top quality. In jumpers. And, of course, also in a nice selection of foals.

To start with the first: our future prospects. Five of them. Each with their own specific qualities. Sharpness, power and balance are common qualities. And that also applies to the proverbial raw edge. These are horses that can still be moulded to your will. Where the buyer can dot the i's and cross the t's. While all the ingredients for top sport are present, they are a good choice. While all the ingredients for top sport are present. 

Talking about top-class sport. The foal collection is licking its lips. Equipped with the most desirable stallions of the moment. And from pedigrees that have proven their worth over the years. Once again, several fillies that can be used for both sport and breeding. And stallions for which a route to the inspection can be mapped out based on type, model, movement and paper. 

We would like to welcome you on 1 August at the Sea Coast Stables. Which will then form the setting for our BWFA auction. You can sit down in good company while enjoying a snack and a drink at the spaciously set up VIP. Otherwise, you can always be tempted online or from the sidelines by one of our auction items. Be there so that you don't miss a thing!

Equestrian greetings, the BWFA team


* 18h doors open 19h dinner 20h start auction